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2019 MobilityX applications
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Our program this year focuses on technology, innovation and IP that have mobility-related applications under the “urban tech with impact” grand theme.

Scale through the Greater Bay Area!

What it is

The Greater Bay Area (GBA) is the biggest megacity in the building. It consists of 11 cities, 3 legal jurisdictions, 4 official languages and offers endless opportunities. These cities are rapidly integrating and growing with their combined GDP of USD 1.5 trillion expected to triple over the coming 15 years. It is also designed to be both the innovation center of China and the conduit with the rest of the world. Running a cross-border urban tech innovation and investment program is thus most appropriate in the GBA.

Program details


Application: July 2019
Selection: August 2019
Preparation: September 2019
Roadshow: October 2019


Hong Kong

The freest economy in the world, where East meets West. The fully urbanised Hong Kong is one of the financial, trading and logistics hub of the world with a surge in innovation activity and ecosystem growth.


The gaming capital of the world, generating multiples in revenues compared to Las Vegas. The city is serious about diversifying its economy through innovation and technology and it heavily invests in infrastructure.


The innovation capital of China with a fully electric bus and taxi fleet was a village 30 years ago. Shenzhen has now 15 million people, some of the largest tech companies in the world and a thriving ecosystem.


The oldest and the largest city in the region has been moving up the value chain and growing rapidly. As a highlight: Guanghzou is adding 12 new metro lines to its current system of 19 over the coming 3 yars.

No equity & incredible value-add

We don’t want to be an exploitative acclerator-type platform taking a lot and adding little. We are also looking for later stage, proven businesses with different valuations that are in no need orposition to enter into such programs. We have funds that are committed to this program and we are determined to invest in only what we collectively find the best fit.

Efficiency & business focus

We have built what we believe is the most efficient scalarator program. No time wasted, no BS, maximum value, quick decisions, great exposure, unparalelled network and scaling potentials into China and Asia.

Tsinghua connection

Tsinghua, often dubbed as the MIT of China, is the #1 university in the country and TOP20 in the world. Our program is associated with the investment, technology and innovation arm of the institution, TusHolding that runs science and technology parks and investment funds. It has also launched thousands of enterprises successfully, with dozens listed and merged or acquired.

Our why


The opportunities of China and the Greater Bay Area are obvious for everyone, but they are hard to grasp. Whom to trust? Where to start? What are the legal implications? What about IP? We decided to build a platform that makes business for world-class overseas entrepreneurs easier. This is a safe environment with simple answers to hard questions thanks to a group of amazing partners.


By 2050, there will be 2.5 billion more people living in cities than today. How we build and operate urban environments today is not going to be efficient, sufficient or sustainable with those numbers. We want to facilitate the growth and proliferation of technologies and innvoation that can positively contribute to this process.


We are not just saying it, but we mean it. Our ideal business brings a positive impact to the process of urbanisation, fast and efficiently. We use ESG metrics in our selection process, because we believe this is the right thing to do and also these will be the most successful businesses of tomorrow.

What we are looking for

Are you eligible? 

We are looking for eight of the best companies in the world to accept in our program and we have strict and serious criteria accordingly. We appreciate a big vision, but we are much more focused on execution. This is not an idea-stage accelerator, but a platform for serious business development for companies that are onto something big. The major characteristics of the businesses and teams that we are looking for are the following.


Ecosystem-compatible and hungry


Numbers are positive, ready to scale


Scores positively on SDG & ESG metrics


Company open to accept equity investment


Solution that has mobility application

Product / Service

Proven, sells, scales, lasts


Ideally minimum USD 1m


A rock-solid group of people

Urban Tech

Tech that is relevant to urbanisation

We have special interest in…


This is very high on agenda not only in China, but for all progressive cities, mobility and tech companies all over the world. We are looking for existing, successful solutions that can be applied across borders and organisations.


We are going through the period in history when literally everything is getting connected, especially in an urban context. With the advent of 5G technologies, we are looking for pioneering, scalable and efficient solutions across the board.


The cornerstone of human development, urbanisation and mobility is energy. We are looking for solutions with smarter, more efficient and cleaner use and production of energy across the board.


There are no cities, no urban development without infrastructure and China has been a key global investor in related projects. We are looking for solutions that save cost, cut CO2 emmissions and create efficiencies.

Who we are

We are a group of investors, entrepreneurs and innovators that joined forces to help innovative tech companies do business cross border. We have built a safe environment to scale your business with leading enterprises, hyper-conencted investment funds, city governments and the #1 university in China for foreign. We have been there, done that and we are now here to help you do it right.

Organising partners

GreaterBay Ventures & advisors is specialising on technology and innovation that can positively impact urbanisation, based in the Greater Bay Area and specialised on cross-border venture development.

TusMaker Global Network is an international entrepreneurial innovation and investment service platform, associated with Tsinghua University, China’s MIT and one of the TOP 20 university in the world.

Why us?

Accelerator experience

We have ran accelerator programs globally, in China in, mobilty, smart cities and more. We are now building something even better than ever.

Cross-border experience

All our team mebers are experienced in doing investment and tech business between China and the rest of the world.

Efficient model

Capital is important, but time is the ultimate resource. We can bring plenty of the first and we waste none of the second.

Unparalleled network

We have the people that have grown Uber, Twitter, LinkedIn, Evernote in China or brought Tesla to Europe. Our collective intelligence rocks.

World class advisors & mentors

We are humbled by the support of some of the most outstanding friends and experts we know in the field of tech, smart cities, mobility, and cross-border innovation and investments. We cover the world with them to bring relevant insights, identify the best companies locally and findthe best opportunities globally.

Our advisors & mentors

Barak Sharabi
Barak Sharabi


Dr Tang Profile photo
Dr Winnie Tang

Hong Kong / China

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-13 at 10.02.16 PM
Henning Helmrecht


Margot Profile Photo
Margot Ling

China / Asia

Dominique Appleby


Peter Vesterbacka

Finest Bay / EU

Susan Zielinksi


Virginia Cha

Singapore / US

...and many more

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